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  • Cross 5.2
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Our main products

LIne lasers

The latest generation of cross/line lasers Lamigo CROSS is created under the dictation of professionals who work every day with our instruments. We took care of every detail to meet the demands of users. The most important change that has taken place in our devices is a modern compensator, and an extended range of accessories for instruments housed in the new larger case. In addition, we are expanding the line CROSS of two new instruments: CROSS 3D and CROSS 3DG. Equipped with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery with no memory effect, with a capacity of 2600mAh.


Rotating lasers

A new series of rotating lasers SPIN 220, 230 and 235 is created under the suggestions of our customers. Various versions of the instrument were adapted to different user needs. Housing made of shock-resistant plastic is lighter by 15% compared to other laser enclosures of this size. New compensators, and possibility of equipment with radio remote control makes using of these lasers even easier and more enjoyable.

News and promotions

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