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NIP UE: PL 5993158759
Regon: 080988555
EORI: PL 599315875900000


  • Cross 5.2
  • Spin205
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  • Cross 41
  • CN24
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You are welcome to cooperate with us


Are you running a tool, gardening or construction shop? We are happy to cooperate with you on favorable conditions for you.
Why partner with us?
We are not competitors for our Customers. We do not run an online store, we do not sell on online auctions. We sell only through a network of partner stores cooperating with us and individual customers applying to us are directed to their nearest store location. We do not force users of our equipment to register in our database, for example to extend the warranty. We never pick up customers for our partners. At the same time, we provide them with full service and advisory support. We help clients (and their clients) in choice of the right equipment for their needs. We provide advice on solving problems (including untypical) related to the use of measuring equipment. We provide a very short delivery time, the vast majority of orders is sent on the day in which it was submitted. Thanks to almost 30 years of activity history, we have a strong and stable position ensuring continuity of cooperation. We also have our own service facilities, technical documentation and all spare parts for all our products. We are able to perform any repairs (both warranty and post-warranty) of each of our products.
We offer:
  • Professional commercial consulting in the selection of appropriate devices
  • Short delivery time
  • Care of an individual adviser
  • Specialists training
  • Technical support, warranty and post-warranty mainteance
  • Top qualityof service
  • High quality visual materials for use on the website, catalogs etc.
You are welcome to contact with us
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Our specialists together with you will build an offer according to your customers needs.